Denise Biggerstaff Coaching

Building Self Awareness for Students


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Students are surrounded by uncertainty.  “What does my future hold? Am I on the right path? How can I plan for a fulfilling life after graduation?” No wonder so many students are plagued by stress, anxiety, and burnout.

That’s why I want to work with them! Empowering students to know themselves and what they bring to the world can make the next steps less stressful. We’ll begin to build self awareness and uncover their spectacular in these three 60-minute sessions. We’ll dive into:

  • Strengths – Where do you shine? How can you hone your unique strengths to become more effective in the classroom and the world? (assessment from Gallup CliftonStrengths, $20 value)
  • Values – Do you know your values? Do your behaviors align with them?
  • Working Genius- Determine where you find joy in the work process. We all have to do things that don’t feed our souls but centering on our Geniuses brings greater satisfaction and higher morale!

Sprinkled throughout our conversations will be talk of accountability and habits that serve us.

Plus, each student will get a bit of self care goodness from our friends at Sixth and Zero. Self awareness is hard work, after all!

After your purchase, we will email you (and/or the student, if you’re gifting this package!) with instructions for booking your three sessions with Denise. We recommend meeting about once a week, leaving plenty of time in between sessions to reflect and to process their findings.