I’m Denise Biggerstaff

Individuals, Teams & Couples Coach

Directing Growth. Enhancing Gifts. Brightening Lives.

Move past your default patterns and into your spectacular. 

Everyone has a default system. Let’s address the source of your system and work on breaking out of the patterns keeping you stuck. 

Find Your Genius.

You are fascinating and complex. Unique and remarkable.

But you are not fulfilled.

You’ve made decision after decision that has brought you to this place. At some point, those decisions became automatic. You’re acting out of instinct, not intention. Are you ready to move beyond your default responses? See your blind spots? Drop your defenses and be curious about the possibilities?

About Me

I have a knack for seeing patterns that are keeping you stuck. Together, we’ll pinpoint those patterns – those certain pieces you’ve chosen to side-step or not yet been able to recognize in your journey.

I use the Enneagram, the Working Genius productivity model, and various other systems to inspire people to emerge from their stories and towards self-awareness and growth.

The same goes for the organizations I coach. These tested tools and tactics move teams beyond their frustrations and into their potential.

In our coaching relationship, we’ll use these insights to move you past the mundane and into your spectacular. What does that look like?

It’s time to find out.

Hear from me! My work with the Enneagram was featured on Claire On The Air. 

One-on-One Coaching

Move past your default system and into your SPECTACULAR.

For Organizations & Teams

Unlock your team’s superpowers with an engaged and future-focused culture.

Couples Coaching

Strengthen your connection and move forward, together.

Coaching for Students

Build self-awareness and resiliency while figuring out your next steps.


I call Denise my “North Star” – she guides and encourages me in the kindest and most authentic way, without judgment or bias. She coached me through a pivotal transition in my life and helped me to set clear intentions, make defined, deliberate decisions, and allow myself grace to be vulnerable during this period of growth.   She knows the right questions to ask, and she has an innate gift for helping you reach your fullest potential.

Andrea H.

Business Development Director

Denise worked with me and my staff using the Working Genius model. That session literally changed the way we operate as a team; giving us the tools and language we needed to work together in a more positive, effective and efficient way. We loved it (And Denise) so much we asked her back to do more coaching via the Enneagram model. This deepened our understanding of ourselves and each other as a team. Denise brings immeasurable value and we look forward to having her back for more work! 

Mary A.

Business Owner

Knowing Denise for many years it was easy to trust her to coach our team.  I expected her to help us, but I have been amazed at the depth she is able to go to with each team member, how intuitive she is and how eloquent she coaches everyone.  In just a couple of meetings, we have made great strides in understanding each other as well as allowing for the unique talents of each individual to shine and support the greater good of the whole.  I have received positive feedback from our team members asking when they will be able to work with her again because she’s helped them reduce their stress and enjoy their jobs again. 

Amy B.

Financial Advisor

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