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Organizational coaching…

What to expect?

What makes a team?

A healthy organizational culture is built on individual and team development. People come together to accomplish a purpose. We work better together when we understand ourselves and each other.

From stuck to superpowered.

Just like individuals, organizations can get stuck in a rut. Ever heard, “we’ve always done it this way?” Coaching helps teams find their blind spots and unlock their superpowers.

We're building something big.

Organizations that invest in coaching create a thriving, forward-thinking culture. You’ll see happy employees and effective teams. Expect a new capacity for conflict resolution, candid conversations, and enhanced creativity.

 What tools do I use?

I’m knowledgeable in various systems enabling organizations to discover individual talents and shift into increased productivity.

Plan on team workshops, meeting shadowing, and candid conversations to bring about insights and clarification. 

Enneagram (iEQ9)

I use the Enneagram as a starting point for most coaching relationships. The Enneagram is a nine-point personality typing system that uncovers the patterns of behavior that subconsciously drive and motivate us to behave in certain ways.

iEQ9 offers Enneagram reports for both individuals and organizations to support a full team journey. 

I am an iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner. 

Clifton Strengths Finder

The CliftonStrengths assessment helps individual team members understand their strengths, unlocking their potential and leading them to greater performance.

Conscious Leadership Training

The Conscious Leadership Group helps move people out of drama with a set of 15 commitments to be a conscious leader.

These tools invite individual responsibility and support team curiosity. The Conscious Leadership curriculum is important for any team member but especially powerful for leaders and managers.

Working Genius Productivity Model

The Working Genius Model helps people discover their natural gifts and thrive in their work and life. Knowing the ‘geniuses’ you have in your organization helps teams embrace their strengths and address potential gaps.

When people understand the types of work that bring them energy and fulfillment and avoid work that leads to frustration and failure, they can be more self-aware, more productive and more successful.

I am a Certified Working Genius Facilitator.

Content adapted from Working Genius.

Values Work

Brené Brown has developed a List of Values and an assessment for finding those which we hold most important. Living into our values means we are clear about what we believe, and we take care that our intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviors align with those beliefs.

When our work aligns with our values, we experience greater enjoyment and fulfillment. 

Content adapted from Brené Brown’s List of Values

About Me

I have a knack for seeing patterns that are keeping you stuck. Together, we’ll pinpoint those patterns – those certain pieces you’ve chosen to side-step or not yet been able to recognize in your journey.

In our coaching relationship, we’ll use these insights to move you past the mundane and into your spectacular.

What does that look like?

It’s time to find out.


“[The Working Genius Model] session literally changed the way we operate as a team; giving us the tools and language we needed to work together in a more positive, effective and efficient way… This deepened our understanding of ourselves and each other as a team. Denise brings immeasurable value and we look forward to having her back for more work!”

Mary A.

Business Owner

Denise Biggerstaff had the unique ability to zoom out to holistically identify the nuanced competencies and strengths of our team. She built a clear and navigable platform for us to understand each other and ourselves when working together.

Denise is rare because many people cannot pick up on the fine intricacies of group dynamics AND be an astute listener to each individual. She is present yet activates everyone to see their potential. I would recommend Denise Biggerstaff Coaching to any team – you will not only learn but you will understand yourself and others more fully. 

Zach G.

Executive Director

Denise has brought so much insight to my team!

Her tools have helped our team communicate better, assisted me in knowing how to structure our team meetings and calls in a way that will speak to everyone, and increased psychological safety within our team.

Denise is extremely knowledgeable, personable and adored by us all!

Alysia R.

Company Director

Knowing Denise for many years it was easy to trust her to coach our team.  I expected her to help us, but I have been amazed at the depth she is able to go to with each team member, how intuitive she is and how eloquent she coaches everyone. 

In just a couple of meetings, we have made great strides in understanding each other as well as allowing for the unique talents of each individual to shine and support the greater good of the whole.  I have received positive feedback from our team members asking when they will be able to work with her again because she’s helped them reduce their stress and enjoy their jobs again. 

Amy B.

Financial Advisor & Business Owner

What’s Organizational Coaching For?

Building an agile, adaptive workplace

Finding your team's passions and strengths

Identifying areas of Genius and addressing gaps

Communicating effectively

Improving employee engagement, productivity, and retention

Developing core values

Building conflict resolution skills

Setting and achieving personal and organizational goals

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