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Couples Coaching

What to expect?

Survey says...

Couples struggle with relationship problems for an average of SIX YEARS before they seek help (Notarius & Buongiorno, 1992). There’s no need to wait until it hits the fan. Let’s change that statistic.

It's a commitment. Seriously.

Committing to another human brings exhilaration – and exhaustion – as you forge an ‘us.’ And whether you’re newly dating or celebrating 20 years together, you know the work is never done.

Seeking support through couples coaching can feel like a daunting step. But it’s a positive sign you’re invested in the long-term outcome of your relationshiop. 

Understand you. Understand each other.

Couples coaching is about “me” as much as “we.” When you have a better understanding of both yourself and your partner, we can work together to move the relationship forward.

Please note that Denise Biggerstaff Coaching does not provide licensed clinical therapy or trauma support. If you are experiencing physical or emotional abuse, or are otherwise in distress, the best places to seek support are from a specialist, treatment center, hotline, shelter, or the police.

National Domestic Violence Website  |  National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800 799-7233  |  Albion Fellows Bacon Center

 What tools do I use?

 Every relationship is unique. So is my approach. We’ll find a cadence that works for you and your partner. 

Plan on a combination of individual and partner-focused work, candid conversations, and interactive exercises to inspire healthy communication and strengthen your relationship.

Enneagram (iEQ9)

I use the Enneagram as a starting point for most coaching relationships. The Enneagram is a nine-point personality typing system that uncovers the patterns of behavior that subconsciously drive and motivate us to behave in certain ways.

The Enneagram allows couples to see each other through fresh eyes, giving new insights into the relationship and how to connect and love more deeply. 

I am an iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner. 

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Training

The Gottman Method integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory. The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to disarm conflicting verbal communication; increase intimacy, respect, and affection; remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy; and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding. 

I am a certified Level II Gottman Leader of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. 

Values Work

Brené Brown has developed a List of Values and an assessment for finding those which we hold most important. Living into our values means we are clear about what we believe, and we take care that our intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviors align with those beliefs.

Content adapted from Brené Brown’s List of Values

CliftonStrengths Strengths Finder

The CliftonStrengths assessment helps people understand their strengths, unlocking their potential and leading them to greater performance.

Conscious Leadership Training

The Conscious Leadership Group helps move people out of drama with a set of 15 commitments to be a conscious leader.

About Me

I have a knack for seeing patterns that are keeping you stuck. Together, we’ll pinpoint those patterns – those certain pieces you’ve chosen to side-step or not yet been able to recognize in your journey.

In our coaching relationship, we’ll use these insights to move you past the mundane and into your spectacular.

What does that look like?

It’s time to find out.

Enneagram Insights for Romantic Relationships

Enneagram Couples Report and Debrief

Discover your Enneagram type alongside your partner with a detailed couples report from iEQ9. We’ll spend 90 minutes debriefing, exploring things like your core motivations, your strengths and weaknesses, and your blind spots, and how these components affect your relationship. 


More Details

Package includes:

  • Online Couples Enneagram Assessment from iEQ9
  • One 48-page Couples Report from iEQ9 ($120 value)
  • One 90-minute Report Debrief coaching session with Denise with you and your partner, scheduled at your convenience

4 Session Couples Coaching Package

Go further with your Enneagram results. This four-session package includes three additional 50-minute coaching sessions, where we’ll focus on how to bring the insights from your Enneagram results into your relationship.


More Details

Package includes:

  • Online Couples Enneagram Assessment from iEQ9
  • One 48-page Couples Report from iEQ9 ($120 value)
  • One 90-minute Report Debrief coaching session with Denise with you and your partner
  • Three 50-minute coaching sessions with Denise

Both partners should attend each coaching session.

Our coaching will be guided by your specific goals and the challenges you’re facing, but our work will be guided by proven systems like: Gottman’s Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Working Genius Productivity Model, Brené Brown’s Values and Tendencies, Conscious Leadership, and more.

What’s Couples Coaching For?

Building meaningful relationships

Developing your core values

Inspiring healthy communication

Making an important relationship transition

Addressing conflict

Celebrating you and your partner's individual strengths

Confronting mental roadblocks and fears

Accepting you and your partner's differences

Let's Work Together

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a free Discovery Call with me.

This 30-minute call will focus on your goals for your relationship. You’ll hear what I bring to the table and how we can work together. It’s the foundation for our next steps.

Please schedule your Discovery Call when both you and your partner are available. 

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